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A glowing review of Brutal on Books News India by Priyanka Batra Harjai. I am almost blushing!

Books News India by Priyanka Batra Harjai

Title: BrutalBrutal

Author: Uday Satpathy

Publisher: Westland Ltd.

ISBN: 9789385152344

My Review

Brutal – the author claims this to be his first attempt to write a novel! I am shocked. This is probably the best of the lot that I have read (and reviewed as well) until now. Please do not take this statement as if I am bragging just to attract your attention; I truly mean it by heart.

Usually, the ‘thriller’ genre is overlapped with suspense and with adventure as well but the real punch of thriller is something that can only be felt while reading (or sometimes watching). The story and plot should be able to excite you to find out what happens next. It need not necessarily throw hints to bring out that detective in you. It is ought to bring those nerves into function so that every single body part rises to goose bumps! This…

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Interviewed by Woodpie

Woodpie.com is an excellent social network for book lovers. I would call it ‘GoodReads with a better UI.’ It’s a place where people can share books and recommendations with their friends, see what other friends are reading and also meet people with similar reading interests. Check it out!

It was a pleasure to interact with the Woodpie blog team recently. We talked about crowd-curation, about the curious trend of MBA grads turning authors in India and about my favorite authors and books. Read the interview here



“Brutal is a very promising debut” – Ruchi Singh, author of Take 2

Ruchi Singh is an author making waves in the Romance genre with her novel ‘Take 2: Second Chance At Happiness’. A couple of weeks back, her short story secured the 3rd position in the ongoing Times of India Write India campaign, garnering words of praise from none other than Amish.

Take 2
It’s a real pleasure to have her among the readers of Brutal. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“The characters are real life and believable. Both Prakash and Seema are ambitious as well as, hardened professionals battling their own problems in life. Mr Satpathy has done immense justice with the supporting characters as well. The narration is simple yet riveting and engaging and I am sure lots of research would have gone into coming up with such an incredible, complex storyline. The author painted just the right kind of pictures, be it of the warehouse, train station, village, hotels or the place where the grisly experiments were going on. Each scene was painted vividly in my mind.”

Read the full review here


“A taut debut by a promising writer” – One Right Word


The latest review of Brutal has come up on the blog One Right Word. Here are a few words from the review: “[Brutal] is a taut thriller, full of action and a compelling contemporary storyline. The plot is well executed and has a sound structure. It must not have been easy dealing with a crime action paced story. However, the descriptions are very graphic and the narrative flows well. The writing also offers great verbal visuals whether it is about the chase or some of the gory elements that are a part of the story.”

To have a look at the complete review, click here.

“Brutal is an exemplary experience” – Hetika Sanghani

Crowd-curation is a concept where a book is selected for publication based on public reviews. Brutal is India’s first book published through such a process. All this happened on BloodyGoodBook.com, which cultivates an excellent ecosystem of authors and readers.

I had submitted my manuscript on Bloody Good Book’s website for open review by the readers. After many months of garnering praise from the reviewers, it was selected for publication. Hetika Sanghani, a top reviewer at Bloody Good Book, was one of the very first readers to go through my chapters and vote.

After more than a year of her first look at my book (a less finished work then), she got in her hands the finished and much polished version of Brutal, a few days ago. I don’t know how she felt holding a book in her hand which she herself voted for. I am indebted to all such readers whose love and encouragement led to the publication of my book. Thank you, Hetika.

Book Fanatic

Now, let’s see what she has to say about Brutal on her blog Book Fanatic. “The reason why Brutal is an interesting read is the characters. All the characters are real and have an important role to play in the flow of the storyline. The characters of Seema and Prakash have been drafted immaculately. The way they begin the investigation at different points and how they meet midway and unravel the truth is the USP of this book. This has been drafted to perfection and leaves you stunned.”

Click here to read the complete review.

“No respite for the readers once they start reading Brutal”


Rachna Chhabria is the popular author of many childrens’ books and is also an avid blogger, diligently maintaining a blog named Rachna’s Scriptorium. It was a pleasure to hear some very positive words from her about BRUTAL. In her review of my book, she writes, “At no point does the author let the pace slacken. Holding the plot firmly in his hand, the author with his crisp writing, short chapters that are easy to read, ensures that the readers are constantly sitting on the edges of their seats… I won’t be surprised if his book will soon be turned into a movie or the fact that Prakash will feature in more books.”

Read the complete review here.