“Brutal is a very promising debut” – Ruchi Singh, author of Take 2

Ruchi Singh is an author making waves in the Romance genre with her novel ‘Take 2: Second Chance At Happiness’. A couple of weeks back, her short story secured the 3rd position in the ongoing Times of India Write India campaign, garnering words of praise from none other than Amish.

Take 2
It’s a real pleasure to have her among the readers of Brutal. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“The characters are real life and believable. Both Prakash and Seema are ambitious as well as, hardened professionals battling their own problems in life. Mr Satpathy has done immense justice with the supporting characters as well. The narration is simple yet riveting and engaging and I am sure lots of research would have gone into coming up with such an incredible, complex storyline. The author painted just the right kind of pictures, be it of the warehouse, train station, village, hotels or the place where the grisly experiments were going on. Each scene was painted vividly in my mind.”

Read the full review here



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