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Fading Hues

Santosh Panda runs a book review and musings blog named “Fading Hues: A Writer’s Arena”. He recently published Brutal’s review along with my interview. We talked about my experience writing an action thriller, about rejections and about my pre- and post-author life.

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Arvind Passey’s Review of Brutal


Arvind Passey is a columnist at The Education Post and The Huffington Post,  and is a popular blogger & photographer as well. He was also Winner of the Best Book Reviewer Award at BTB Literary Awards 2012.

He says, “If a book makes a reader sit up and wonder at all the things that could be happening and even make him read a newspaper carefully so he does not miss some vital clue to any subtle changes taking place in the world outside his home, it has successfully captured his imagination. If a books makes the reader interpret ‘I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!’ in more ways than are obvious, it has successfully made him appreciate the genetic structure of a thriller. [Brutal] does all this.”

Read the complete review here. But, potential readers – be aware of a few spoilers in the article.

Welcome to the Twitter retelling of Brutal

There is TV, Cinema, Theater and then there is Twitter Meta Fiction, where the story unfolds in front of you with the characters tweeting what’s going on in their minds. Inviting you to witness the Twitter retelling of Brutal. It has never been tried before in India, so I hope it should be interesting.

Bloody Good Book brings to you this entire story of Brutal in less than 200 tweets over 4 days, starting from 24th August, 2015 to 27th August, 2015 from 4pm to 5pm IST.

All the major characters from the novel will be tweeting, as if the events in the novel are happening live. Short and sweet, but spine-chilling and scary at the same time, this novel will be retold on Twitter.

Meet the characters:

Prakash Sinha – A reporter working with one of the best news channels of the country. He’s wounded, physically and mentally, and he rediscovers his passion for journalism during the course of this story.

Seema Sharma – A reporter, a mother, a widower…she is one person you would love to know. But she has a bad habit of “going to any extent to know the truth”. And that, puts her into danger.

Mrinal Dutta – He’s a tech savvy guy. He can find out your darkest secrets in a matter of seconds. He found dirt on his former boss and had to go underground ever since.

Raman – Frankly, he’s like Bob Biswas from Kahaani, the contract killer?

Diya Shah – She’s mean, she has an attitude probably none of her employees can stand. But that’s what you need to be the editor-in-chief of Century News, the renowned news channel.

And then there are two news channels – Globe News (where Prakash works) and Century News (where Seema works). These two are like Times Now, a channel you would put on your T.V. when you want to know the most gruesome details about a scandal.

Twitter Metafiction

But here’s the catch!

We’re tweeting from 4pm to 5pm on these four days, but everyday we will ask you a question, and the winner will get a special hamper from Bloody Good Book

So click on this link, follow these characters, because Nitin Tomar has already been killed.

His hearing date has been finalised for the 24th of August, and that’s exactly when the novel begins.

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Enjoy the ride!

Follow India’s First Twitter Metafiction

Who is Nitin Tomar? Who killed him? What really happened in Bandhavgarh National Park? Solve this mystery with the characters of Brutal, as they tell you their story on Twitter.

Never been done before in India, Bloody Good Book brings you the thrilling novel Brutal in less than 200 tweets over 4 days, starting from 24th August 2015 to 27th August 2015.

Enjoy the ride!

Twitter Tale

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