An interview with Thinkerviews blog

Thinkerviews Interview

I recently came across an interesting question during an interview with Thinkerviews blog: “We often see that usually an author (when came from a specific field) tries to explore his world in his book. For example John Grisham write Legal thrillers, Ravi Subramanian goes with banking thrillers, Maya Kavita writes thriller about IT industry; you are an engineer who did MBA, what made you explore the world of Reporters?”

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Brutal sets the bar really high among thrillers – Privy Trifles Blog

Privy Trifles

Namrata is the author of the book Metro Diaries and is also a popular book critic. In her blog Privy Trifles, she had this to say about Brutal, “The key to writing a good thriller is being able to connect all dots without making it sound predictable and here the author Uday scores double brownie points. For a debut he has done a stellar effort behind this book and you cannot help but admire his writing skills. He has you from the first word till the very end. You simply cannot afford to lose a single word in the story.”

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A review of Brutal by ThinkerViews


ThinkerViews is a blog which reviews books, magazines, TV serials, movies, websites, technical stuff and more. Jiten Upadhyay (from ThinkerViews) had this to say about Brutal, “Some of the incidents are written very nicely that you feel [you’re] exploring a scene of a movie or quality TV Serial. The canvas of the book is very large. It is quite possible to mess the things up when trying to explore many such worlds and linking their dots. The author however has control in his hand and apart from a few loose ends, he succeeds in linking them pretty nicely in the tight manner.”  Click here to read more…

Flash Fiction Event at IIM, Ahmedabad based on Brutal’s theme

Based on the dark undertones of Brutal, a special flash fiction contest was conducted by Bloody Good Book at IIM Ahmedabad (in association with their Literary Symposium Desk).

Flash Fiction IIMA

The results were stunning. Dark settings and shocking twists, amalgamated with the literary prowess of students threw up some amazing pieces of writing.


Click here to have a look at the winning entry written by Arundhati Hazra, a talented wordsmith. Here is another gem of a piece written by Arpita N. Shetty.

The Story Behind Bloody Good Book

Rashmi Bansal and Niyati Patel

Books of the people, by the people, for the people. This is the motto of, a unique publishing venture started by youth icon Rashmi Bansal and entrepreneur Niyati Patel. BGB connects authors with their readers,  serving both in a revolutionary way. For readers, BGB is a treasure trove of amazing books to read, review and share. And for authors, BGB provides a democratic way to connect with readers and get published.

SWENER magazine interviews Rashmi and Niyati about how they decided to start this new venture, their experience so far and the titles they are going to churn out soon. Read it here

Interviewed by Debdatta of b00kr3vi3ws


Recently, I was interviewed by Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay, a book critic who runs a wonderful blog Below is an excerpt:

Tell us about your writing process.
I create a high level plot of the story I am going to tell. This process takes months and takes a lot of research. I don’t feel confident about starting a story if I haven’t read multiple books and articles on the topics contained in my book. I sleep over plotlines for days and trash them if they are not interesting or are clichéd. I have to get that ‘eureka’ feeling before I start writing. What follows is a race from one plot milestone to another. In this process, I get stuck multiple times, sometimes because of writer’s block, sometimes because my characters get stuck in impossible situations and then need ideas from me to get out. It usually becomes tougher as we near the end of a story.
What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?
Well, my book is not yet released, so I can’t reveal much. Just to give you an idea, the most memorable scene in my book occurs when something very terrible happens to one of my major characters. Personally, I was in a sort of trauma while writing that scene.

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